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Making IT Work

Our Mission

RAD IT Services is focused on bringing simple, but high tech, solutions to small businesses in and around Orange County.

Who We Are

RAD IT Services was founded with the desire to make technology work better for small businesses. Our founder started IT consulting in 2000 and has worked with many different types of businesses, ranging from law firms to medical equipment manufacturers, accountants to skate board factories, and everything in-between. In those years, he built a network of top-notch IT talent, specializing in many different subject matters, and utilizes their skills to help RAD IT Services' clients.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technology and finding ways to incorporate it into our clients' businesses to help them thrive. No company is too small or too large as we work well with existing technical staff to work toward mutual success. For more information, see our Services page.

Where We Do It

We are based in Fullerton, California, and service Orange County and Los Angeles County, and surrounding areas. We provide support both on-site and remotely via phone, email and the internet.

How We Do It

Over the years and after trying many different methodologies, we find that listening to our clients' needs and how they conduct business really allows us to not only upgrade technology, but educate them on what technology can do to help their business succeed. We take the business problems and needs and then translate them into technology-driven processes and answers. Don't know what a T1 is or why you need it? That's OK, because we do and we will help you understand.

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